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6 Tips On Packing Light


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Packing for holiday is something like an art form. You’ve probably got memories of the first holiday you took without your family, where you packed anything and everything in heir with you just in case. Add an extra bag for makeup, toiletries and hair products. 

You don’t always have the luxury of packing whatever you want though. Expensive baggage fees, family holidays and lack of space mean you need to get better at planning and organising your luggage. 

Use the correct bag 

The type of trip you’re taking should dictate the type of bag or suitcase you choose. If you’re travelling in Freestyle RVs or caravans, you will need something that can fit into a smaller storage space. Holdalls are good choices for this kind of trip as they aren’t hard-bodied so when you’re unpacked, they can be folded down to store. If you’re packing carry or for a flight, then a specially designed flight case is a perfect choice. They are usually light and the exact dimensions that airlines will allow, with wheels to help you get around easily. 

Roll your clothes

The majority of your packing is probably going to be clothing. Try creating a travel capsule wardrobe to minimise the amount of clothes you travel with.. Rolling your clothes tightly means that you’ll be able to get more clothes into the same space, or the same amount of clothes into a smaller space, leaving room for other things. 

Put socks and underwear in a bag and stuff them inside your shoes. 

Wash items 

Reduce the number of clothes you need to pack by washing items when you’re there. Underwear, socks and small items are easy to wash and dry in most situations. 

Buy your toiletries when you get there

Items like shampoo and shower gel can be quite bulky. Putting them into small travel bottles can save a lot of space but if you really need to pack light, then buy these things when you get to your destination. Unless you need specialist products, then these shouldn’t cost you a lot and can be picked up in most places. 

Use multipurpose cosmetics

Is your makeup bag big enough to warrant its own luggage charge? Take some time to pare down your cosmetics before you go so that you aren’t carrying multiples of everything. Another good tip is to take multipurpose products such as moisturizers with SPF, and makeup that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. Invest in a few versatile travel brushes rather than taking your own full-size ones. 

Wear your biggest items

If you’re travelling light then packing a huge coat or pair of knee-high boots is going to take up a lot of space in your bag. Wear these items to the airport or on your journey there so that they aren’t taking up that additional space. 


Packing is something that you’ll probably get better at the more you do it. If you ever need to pack for kids too, then you’ll probably learn some great tips fast to make sure that you pack like a pro and only take the essentials with you.

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