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Arosmic Perfumes review

Before we jump right into the review part of this post you need to know a few things about me. I love fragrances and I have a very good sense of smell. No, I know what you are thinking don't we all. But my sense of smell is better than anyone else I know. I am the first to smell anything no matter how strong or weak and this goes for every aspect of my life. From wonderful scents in nature to awful ones. I am always the first and last to smell something. It's a blessing and curse. 

So I am a very good person to review fragrances. I have been looking for new scents for a while. But my word the prices of designer fragrances have skyrocketed and I am trying to be more conscientious with spending. I think we all are, to be honest. I just can't justify spending hundreds of pounds on my favourite perfumes at the moment. 

three perfume bottles in green grass and daisy

Enter Arosmic. I was surfing the web and Arosmic popped up and I was intrigued. They sell designer-inspired perfumes at a fraction of the cost. This piqued my interest instantly. You know me I had to do my research into the brand and how on earth they can sell these perfumes so inexpensively. 

boxes of arosmic fragrances

Arosmic believes in letting the perfumes do the talking and cutting out all the unnecessary costs. So every fragrance comes in standard but sleek packaging and bottles. Their motto is fine fragrances at fair prices. They make all their fragrances from high-performing natural ingredients. This means the scent last a long time and maintains its smell.

Not only that but they are all environmentally friendly, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, ethical and carbon neutral. Yes to all of this. They are also made in Britain too so no importing either. 

Arosmic also does not use celebrities to promote their fragrances which helps to keep costs down and I love this idea. How many times have people been tempted to buy perfume because of a celebrity? I have never thought I need that perfume because Jennifer Aniston wears it.  I just buy what I like. So this is a clever move. 

So what do Arosmic offer? 

Arosmic make and produce designer-inspired perfumes. I am obsessed with skincare and make-up dupes so perfumes dupes are a no-brainer for me really. 

I know what you are thinking this sounds too good to be true and I am here to say It really isn't. It is super easy to find the designer-inspired version of the fragrance you are looking for on Arosmic. 

This one, for example, is Adore which is inspired by Dior's J'adore, I have three perfumes I have to review Adore, of course, Cherry inspired by Tom Ford's Lost Cherry and Dark Opium inspired by YSL's Dark Opium. 

The price 
Now I know you are wondering what the cost is. 100ml is £26.99 50ml is £15.99 and a small sample size of 5ml is £4.99.  Arosmic offers free delivery on orders over £40.  Standard delivery is £2.99 or £4.99 for next-day delivery.  This is based on one 100ml perfume. 

My thoughts 

I don't know where to start here. I am honestly blown away by these perfumes. I have always had a few designer special fragrances in my collection for very special occasions. You know the ones you wear and love but only sparingly because they are just too expensive. You would like to wear these all the time but who can afford that right? So I always opt for a cheaper option for everyday wear but wish I could wear the nicer ones. 

Arosmic has changed the game here. These perfumes are divine and incredible. I can put two sprays of one of my three on and I can smell it on my skin until I shower. I kid you not. I spray one on my neck and one spray in my wrist and rub them together. Of course, you can use more but I find that is enough for me. These fragrances pack a punch you really don't need much. Which is again money-saving as you are not having to pile on the scent. 

I am a professional mountain biker so I am sweating hard some days out on the mountain and I can still smell my wonderful Arosmic scents after a hard day. These perfumes go the distance and more. I would even say they are better than some of my designer ones in longevity. They just last and smell as good as they did after you spray them. It's incredible. I really put them through their paces when testing for you. 

If I had to recommend one to you it would be Cherry, my god this is heavenly. It smells sweet but expensive. 
Cherry's notes 

  • Top Notes - Bitter Almond, Liquor, Black Cherry
  • Middle Notes - Sour Cherry, Plum, Turkish Rose, Jasmine Sambac
  • Base Notes - Roasted Tonka Beans, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ceda
I am obsessed with this scent and have worn it almost daily since its arrival. I had to test the others or I think it would have gotten even more wear. I can not believe how a little spray can last all day and more. These are worth their weight in gold and I for sure will be buying more to try out. Goodbye designer hello purse-friendly but amazing options. 

Scents are so special they can evoke memories. I had completely forgotten about the scent of Opium until I ordered this and it flooded me with memories of an old flatmate I had at college. So many wonderful memories came flooding back of the lovely Lexi and the time we spent together.

 It is funny how a scent can have this power over us. We need to treat scents and perfumes with more respect and I think this is what Arosmic are doing. They are changing the game and making us all be able to smell expensive and special at a fraction of the price. 

I 100% recommend Arosmic perfumes to you and I will be buying myself more in the future. No more cheap perfumes that don't last longer than an hour for me. I will be opting for these affordable but delicious alternatives and you should too. 

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