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7 Things That Can Make Your Garden Look Messy


Want to keep your garden looking clean and tidy? Below are a few issues that you shouldn’t neglect.

Poor lawn care

Not looking after your lawn is certain to make your garden look untidy. Make sure to keep on top of mowing so that your lawn doesn’t get overgrown. During summer heatwaves, it could also be important to keep the grass watered to prevent it getting dry and patchy. Sprinkling fertilisers onto the grass once or twice per year may meanwhile help to boost the health of your lawn. Don’t have the time or effort to look after your lawn? Consider whether it’s worth laying down artificial grass instead. Alternatively, opt for a stone garden.

Unruly trees  

Some trees can quickly become unruly if not regularly maintained. Low hanging branches may end up extending across the garden or roots could end up coming up in your lawn. Willows, maples and apple trees are some of the trees that need to be pruned most regularly. When it comes to large trees, you’re often better off hiring a local tree surgeon than attempting to trim back the tree yourself. Dead or heavily leaning trees may need to be removed entirely.

Overgrown hedges

If you have hedges in your garden, it’s important that you also trim these back every year. An overgrown hedge can quickly take over a garden. The best times for trimming hedges are spring and autumn. Hedges shouldn’t be pruned in hot dry weather or during frost. 

Weeds galore

A weed is any type of plant that is growing in the wrong place. Such plants can disrupt the growth of other plants and can make your garden look less orderly. Every few months, try to dedicate an hour or two to digging up weeds. Pull out any unwanted plants sprouting out of your lawn and look out for plants growing in flower beds that shouldn’t be there. 

Grubby decking

A neglected wooden deck can quickly become grubby. Such decking can often be revived by cleaning it with a wire brush or pressure washer. You may then want to sand it and refinish it to give it an even texture and prevent rot. Painted decking will often need to be repainted every year to stop it peeling and becoming discoloured. 

Dirty garden furniture

Don’t forget to also clean your garden furniture. Grubby plastic chairs or dirty wooden tables can quickly let down the appearance of your garden. Some garden furniture materials are easier to keep clean than others. This includes various plastics and metals that can be easily wiped down. 

Too much clutter

Is there too much going on in your garden? Excess furniture or ornaments could make your garden look messy - especially if it is quite small. Consider whether you need to declutter your garden to keep it looking tidy. Make sure that obvious trash such as broken furniture or appliances aren’t just left to rot in your garden and that they are taken to a local dump.

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