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3 Tips to Help Hikers Enjoy Their Healthy Pursuit More

To enjoy hiking to the full and to make sure that it is an activity that is healthy for us, we need to feel comfortable, relaxed and be fully prepared for our adventure.

There are lots of reasons why hiking is good for you – essentially, hiking enables you to experience the fresh air and to realise all the benefits that being outside offers. Also, not only are you breathing in pure unpolluted air, but you are exercising while doing it. It is also escapism as much as it is a healthy pursuit in terms of exercise.

To help you enjoy the hiking experience while remaining healthy, we have come up with a few tips.

Check Out Your Hiking Boots and Backpack Before Setting Off

What you wear and take with you on a hike is important because it dictates your comfort during the hike and how you will feel after the activity. 

For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure that both your boots and backpack are comfortable to wear. You can do this by trying them out on shorter trips first, before wearing them for a long hike. A new pair of boots will need wearing in to prevent you from getting blisters from them.

A backpack with its contents needs to be assessed for its weight. Ask the question, how long could I manage with this weight on my back? It is counterproductive to end up with a bad back after a hike. It is not just about weight, either, it is about even distribution of that weight and how comfortable the fixings of the backpack are in terms of their position. 

So, choose wisely in the first place and then have a trial run.

Avoid Anxiety

You can avoid anxiety by having your mobile phone with you on a hike, whether switched on or not. Rather than be something that stops you from relaxing, it will be a gadget that gives you peace of mind because its GPS will navigate you if you were to become lost, and also get you out of trouble by being able to ring a friend in case of emergency.

If you go too remote, however, you should be aware that there might not be a signal. In this case, it is good to check beforehand that there are properties around, such as farmhouses, where you could go for help and ask for directions. It is about planning and knowing your route. 

This all helps with anxiety. You do not want to create it when hiking, as this should be a peaceful and relaxing pastime that is going to help with the anxieties and stresses of everyday living. Hiking is, after all, as much about getting a cardio workout as it is helping the mind to free itself of life’s worries. The beautiful views and scenery should take care of those, at least while you are hiking.

Pack Extra Food and Have Plenty of Water

To keep your body functioning, make sure that you have extra food in case you do lose your way. Pack energy foods to keep you going, as the last thing you need is to run out of energy on your hike and not be able to make it back without ringing someone for a lift. That could be rather embarrassing to explain.

Keep yourself hydrated when hiking by drinking plenty of water. There is no substitute for water. Also, you should drink it after your hike to aid recovery, and you should eat plenty to replenish proteins lost during your adventure into the wilderness.

To conclude, we can make our hiking trip healthier by making sure that our hiking boots are not going to give us painful blisters and our backpack is not going to injure our back, by avoiding the anxiety that having no communication might cause, and by having sufficient food and water to keep us going on our hike. 

Now, all we have to think about is enjoying a hike that will please our mind, body, and spirit. While hiking, we will have experienced an outdoor location that is idyllic, peaceful, and with air that is a pleasure to breathe in.

Do you have any hiking tips to share? Where are some of your favourite places to enjoy a hike? Get in touch and share your thoughts.

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