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Best 4 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

 Your home's value is critical in determining the price you should be willing to accept when selling. For this reason, you must do everything possible to increase your home's value. Of course, many factors go into determining how much your home will sell for on the market, but there are four simple things you can do which will help increase its value considerably:

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Kitchen Upgrade

This is a popular renovation because you can do it with relatively little disruption, and the result will likely have a good return on investment. The typical kitchen upgrade project includes: installing new cabinets, replacing old appliances such as an oven, stovetop or refrigerator, upgrading countertops and sinks (granite quartz makes for great patios), adding updated lighting fixtures and hardware; or adding a fireplace.

All these are must-haves for any modern and functional home.

Bathroom Remodel

Do you want to make your home more valuable? If so, consider grabbing a brush and painting for your bathroom renovations. The most popular thing homeowners do when they realise their current property isn’t worth much is update the bathroom with new fixtures or flooring. It will not only increase the value of your house, but it can also make your bathroom a more pleasant place to be.

Sink faucets, towel dispensers and soap dishes are all nice additions that you can update. Newer, better-looking fixtures will make your bathroom more appealing to potential buyers, and the higher asking price may help you sell it faster than one with old or outdated features.

Outdoor Painting

Painting your exterior surfaces can make a huge difference in curb appeal and the overall impression of your home. This is especially true if you have wood or siding, which need repainting at least every few years due to weathering. Try painting your house's trim and shutters with two coats of paint for an impressive but low-cost upgrade. Choosing the right colours for your home's exterior can be a daunting task, but it is worth taking some time to research and study colour psychology. You might also want to consider choosing more than one tone of paint, which will help give depth and vibrancy to the finish. The possibilities are limitless, so have fun experimenting!

Improve on Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the best ways to increase your home's value. Planting trees with a high value, like Japanese maples or fruit-bearing plants, can make all the difference in how much money you're able to get at sale time. If you have any space left on either side of your house that may be bare, plant some bushes or trees.

If you have the space for a garden in your backyard, not only will it provide beautiful flowers and vegetables that are perfect to use on dinner tables around town, but others might notice what you're doing with your outdoor spaces too. Doing any of these tasks is sure to help increase your home's value.


This article has covered the top four ways to make your home more valuable. From the sheer size of your home to curb appeal and more, these factors can make or break your sale price in a competitive market.

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