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GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Just like that, the weather in the UK has changed. We should be baking in the sunshine and yet yesterday, here in the Scottish Highlands, I had to put the heating back on. Living in the Highland we are privy to harsher weather than the rest of the UK. When my family in the south are enjoying the dry and warm weather, we can be hit with storms. Don't get me wrong I love the ever-changing weather up here. Without this, our scenery would just not be as beautiful. 

With this in mind today I want to introduce you to a revolution for people like me who can run on the colder side. I am an outdoor lover and I am not scared to go walking, hiking or mountain biking in storms. Let's face it as a highlander If I was scared of being cold and wet I would not leave the house. 

Today I want to introduce you to GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket by the company Wear Graphene. Now before we get started I am very well versed in good outdoor jackets. I am a hard critic to please. I mean I will be wearing this up mountains in storms and every day.  So this jacket needs to be up to the test. 

What is GAMMA made out of? 

Firstly the GAMMA jacket is made with a revolutionary material called Graphene. What is Graphene I hear you ask. If like me you have never heard of this material I will explain as best I can. Graphene is one of the thinnest and strongest materials known to man. Wear Graphene has worked hard and infused Graphene into textiles. Graphene is a nano-lattice and is just one atom thick. It is stronger than diamond. This is one of the smartest most innovative materials on the planet.  This making it the thinnest. strongest, flexible and most versatile material to use. Using this in a jacket makes the GAMMA Jacket breathable, waterproof, antibacterial, thermoregulation and must much more. 

The GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket features. 
This jacket is crammed with features and I mean crammed. This jacket is designed to be worn every season it is versatile and stylish. 

The Features. 

Waterproof and windproof. 
This jacket is 100% water and windproof. This making sure you will never be caught out in a shower and get wet and cold. The genus of this jacket is that the waterproofing does not degrade. Let's face it we have all hung on to an old favourite waterproof when it is no longer waterproof anymore. This is no longer an issue with this jacket. It also features a hood, high neck and adjustable rain hem. 

Built-in heater. 
Yes, I went there. The GAMMA has a built-in heater. I mean this is game-changing for me. I have been up the mountain and I have dreamed of this being a product. Now, this would be heaven.  

The GAMMA has a build-in heater all you have to do is connect the power cable in one of the pockets and at the touch of a button, you have a nicely heated jacket. The built-in heater works in unison with the Graphene material to thermoregulate your body heat. The built-in heater heats up to 50c in 30 seconds. making it perfect for minus conditions.  The heater has three temperatures you can choose making it perfect for anyone. 

Not only will this keep you warm and cosy in winter but graphene actually keep you cool in summer. Making this jacket a perfect all seasons jacket. 

10 pockets
This jacket has an amazing 10 pockets. It has two which are secret to store valuables. This making it perfect for sports such as mountain biking and hiking. The zip pockets are protected with a water-resistant coating to keep your items safe and sound. 

Built-in gloves
These are a blessing when the temperatures get low. This coupled with the adjustable cuff will keep your hands nice and warm no matter the weather. 

The GAMMA is fully breathable. This is actually hard to find in a waterproof jacket. It makes doing sport in the winter so much better and more bearable. 

With Graphene being so strong you can not cut or scratch this jacket. This making it perfect for hitting the trails or slopes if you like to ski. 

UV proof
This will protect your skin from harmful UV rays all year round. 

100% machine washable and anti-odour
When you are an outdoor lover, your jacket can get quite dirty and smelly. But not with this Jacket not only is it ain't odour due to the material bit you can even wash your jacket in the washing machine. 

Making it suitable for all skin types and it repels mites and replies allergins. 


At the moment the GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket is in its crowdfunding era. I can see that this is going really well with lots of investors in this amazing and innovative jacket and company. 

To find out more about The GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket check out

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