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How To Make Your Home Clutter-Free

 A clutter-free home is essential for peace of mind and relaxation. It also makes the space easier to clean and generally, a more pleasant place to be - you’ll be able to invite your friends and family over without worrying about the mess. 

Yet we all have so much ‘stuff’ that it can be hard to keep our homes free of clutter and mess. There are so many opportunities to buy things and bring more items into the home that it seems as though every time we go out, we come back with one more thing to add to the collection. The problem is, it’s often something we don’t need and, eventually, don’t even want. With that in mind, here are some great ways to help you keep your home clutter-free. 

Practice Mindful Purchasing

As we’ve said, one of the most problematic reasons why our homes are so cluttered is that we like to buy things. However, if this is causing you issues, including giving you a full home to live in, then it’s a habit you need to stop. 

Often this is easier said than done, but it is possible, and the answer is mindful purchasing. The key to this idea is to slow down and focus on what you’re doing. Before you take an item to the checkout, think carefully about what you’re buying, how much it is, where it will go, what function it will serve, and, finally, what would happen if you didn’t buy it. Once you have the answers to these questions, and particularly the final one, you’ll know whether it’s something you really do need to buy or whether it’s actually something that can stay in the store and not add to the clutter in your home. 

Think About Storage

We don’t always want to get rid of the things that are making our home feel cluttered - they might be of important sentimental value or perhaps things that just make us happy. They might even be things we use but have nowhere to put them in the meantime - and yet we know we need to have a tidier home if we want to be able to truly relax and de-stress. What is the answer? 

Although it might not help with everything, looking for ways to increase the storage in your home can be a good idea. In this way, you can still keep the clutter (although throwing some out will be necessary and perfectly possible), but it can be out of sight and stored away. Consider each room in turn. You could look at vanity units for the bathroom, for example, or furniture that doubles as storage. If you have a lot of things to store, you might even choose to hire a storage unit - it will depend on your specific needs. 


We’ve mentioned decluttering a few times through this post, and although you might want to avoid it, sometimes it is the best thing you can do. Take one room at a time and remove anything you no longer want or need. 

The first time you do this, it will take a while, but if you then start to do it regularly, it will be easier to keep on top of.

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