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Four Ways To Update Your Living Room

 After living in your home for a while you may walk into your living room and feel that it needs an update. Maybe you’ve been updating all your other rooms, like your bedroom and bathroom and now it’s time for your lounge area? Depending on your budget, there are many ways to update your lounge area from simply adding a rug as an affordable option, to replacing the furniture if you have a more generous budget. Below are four ways of updating your living room for all different budgets. 

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Add A Rug 

Rugs are one of the best things to purchase when updating any space within your property. They instantly make a difference and can be changed every couple of months (If you have enough space to store the old rug). If you have children, it can protect your flooring and they come in many shapes and sizes to fit in virtually any room. For inspiration, search Instagram and you’ll see a whole range of styles that may fit your living space. Plus, this can be done on a lower budget. 

Change Your Furniture 

Your furniture in your living space often completes the room. Your sofa may take most of the space with the colour having a large effect on how the room feels. If you live with someone elderly, updating your chair to a lift chair may help with their comfort. If you budget allows it, why not take a look at replacing some of the furniture with something new. Depending on where you shop, you may be surprised at how much certain things can fit in a lower budget. 

Put Things On Your Wall 

When you look at the wall in your property is it looking a little bare? So many properties don’t hang things on the wall and are missing a trick. Hanging art on the wall breaks up white space and adds some personality to your room. You can choose different coloured art if you want to add some colour to the room, or maybe black and white if you want a more neutral approach. If you don’t want to hang art on the wall, you could always look at adding some photos or hanging a mirror as that is great for making a room look and feel bigger. 


What accessories do you have around your living room? Accessories are a great way to make a change to the room and add a new dynamic. Standing lamp shades add light whilst a drinks trolley could act as a centerpiece. Maybe you have some ornaments that you can display in the room, or you add a coffee table to make the room look less empty. There are a whole plethora of accessories that you can add that will instantly change the feel of the room. 

What changes have you recently made to your room? Have you tried anything from the above? Have you already updated your living room and are planning on working on another room? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you. 

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