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Five Tips to Improve Your Morning Workout

A great and successful morning workout starts with early preparation. According to many fitness trainers and wellness enthusiasts, there is no better workout than early morning. For optimal performance, however, early preparation is paramount and takes into account several factors. Below are tips to help you prepare for your morning workout;

Go to Bed Early

Humans follow a sleep cycle called circadian rhythms. Our rhythms are always reset by events like establishing meal times, using an alarm clock, and having routine workout times. It is advisable to go to bed 30-40 minutes early to sleep within your regular sleep schedule.

Research has proved that routine morning exercises improve one's sleep; hence developing a habit of going to bed earlier may be suitable for your body. To get the best out of your workout, you need to get enough rest.

Prepare Early

To get an incredible morning workout, you have to prepare early by getting everything in order the night before. Before you sleep, take time and assemble all the items you will need for your morning workout. If you intend to go jogging, get your hydration pack for running ready. If you are going cycling, ensure your bike is in good shape and all accessories in order. Get your pushup blocks, jump rope, bands, and workout attire in the right place.

Commit a few minutes before you go to bed and go through the checklist of all items you will need and activities you will be involved in. Still, on early preparation, it is good to think out your pre-workout meal in advance. Research shows that the body tends to burn more calories just before a workout. Eat a small or medium-sized meal that is easy to digest without causing bloating.

Wake up Early

The essence of going to bed earlier is to create more sleep time so that you can be able to wake up early. At first, waking up earlier may be a big challenge, but with time, you may no longer need an alarm as your body gets used to the routine.

Train your body to expect a morning workout as the first physical activity after waking up. Waking up early also creates enough time to complete your workout activities in time and face the day.

Perform A Longer Warm-Up

In the morning, the body temperature is always lower. At the start of exercising, the body undergoes several changes like increased respiration rate, increased blood flow, and increased oxygen going to muscle cells. You need to perform an adequate warm-up to ensure that these bodily changes respond gradually.
Start With What you Enjoy

You will be motivated to wake up every morning if you are performing workouts that you enjoy. Workout activities range from yoga activities, brick runs, and bike rides, among others. Priorities those workouts you enjoy to ensure you stick to the routine.

To help with consistency, consider recruiting a partner to work out with. Have a pre-arranged time with your workout partner. This way, you will be forcing you to wake up early as you have to honor your pact with your training partner.

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