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5 Must-Have Car Features for a Smooth and Safe Driving Experience


Cars have come a long way. They still serve the primary purpose of transportation. However, the experience is better nowadays because of a wide range of new and emerging features. These new features serve purposes such as safety, entertainment, and other conveniences.

Every car should have all the necessary features for the best driving experience. Here is an overview of 5 features that would make that used SUV for sale feel brand new:

Evasive Steering

It is common to come across unexpected developments on the road. It can be a deer coming from nowhere or a speeding car or biker pulling up in front of you. Whatever the case, you may need to maneuver quickly to avoid a collision.

The evasive steering feature is designed to make quick maneuvers safer and more effective. This feature provides extra support to the steering wheel when there is a risk of collision. However, it works best when there is some distance between the car and the other object.

Smart Suspension

Driving would be a rough experience without rubber wheels and the car’s suspension system. The standard suspension system helps keep the car stable when driving on uneven terrain, making for a comfortable and smooth driving experience. The new suspension system serves the same purpose – but it does it better.


The smart suspension system will automatically increase or decrease the load on any wheel, depending on the road’s overall terrain. It will make for an even smoother experience, especially for off-road driving.

360-Degree Camera System

The introduction of the rearview camera was almost revolutionary, as it made parking easier. It also gave rise to the 360-degree camera system.

The 360-degree camera system installs cameras on all side of the car. The system gives the driver a bird’s eye view of their car. They can see everything going on around them, including kids playing next to the car or hiding under the wheel compartment. It makes driving safer and easier.

Head-Up Display

Have you seen those movies with futuristic cars that have a touchscreen for a windshield? Well, the future is here!

Head-up display shows the car’s vital information in the windscreen instead of the dashboard. To this end, you can monitor your car’s speed, fuel capacity, battery capacity, GPS directions, and more on your windscreen without looking down at the dashboard. This is convenient and safe, as it reduces distractions while driving.

Blind Spot Alert

The risk of collision increases when you are backing up because of limited visibility. Fortunately, the blind spot alert feature is purposely designed to prevent this.

This feature alerts you when there is an obstacle in your way, whichever way you are driving. The feature sends audio and visual alerts to your display when you come into close proximity with other objects. It is one of the most reliable safety features in a car.

Final Thoughts

Every car should have these features, ideally. These features are designed to keep you safe on the road and make driving easier, enjoyable, and more convenient. It is worth investing in a good car diagnostic scanner to check your car regularly for any fault it may have developed. I recommend icarsoft they offer the best and most up to date scanners on the market. This gives your more confidence in your car being in top condition inside and out. 

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