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11 Space and Storage Hacks for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms are super-cosy, and it’s easy to make them comfortable, but a lack of space and storage makes them challenging to live with.

The problem is particularly evident in boxrooms - where a single bed takes up 50% or more of the floor space.

Unfortunately, most houses don’t have multiple double bedrooms, and our children are usually crammed into small spaces. This is fine when they are young, but as they grow up, it can expose the limitations of your house.

Some adults also have to make do with a small bedroom. The good news is you can make a small bedroom work with a few space and storage hacks.

Here are ten space and storage hacks for small bedrooms:

  1. Measure everything

Every inch and centimetre counts in small bedrooms. Pay special attention to furniture depth because this dimension eats into floor space. We recommend a maximum depth of 45cm for wardrobes and 40cm for chests.

Bed Size Guide.

  1. Store almost everything with an ottoman bed

Ottoman beds have a lift-up mattress base and use the whole underside for storage. You can get high and low beds in various styles, including wooden and sleigh frames, and specify an end or side-opening base to suit your bedroom’s layout.

Pictured: Birlea Phoenix 4FT Small Double Wooden Ottoman Bed – Oak. Available from Bedstar.

  1. Use the back of your door for shoes and coats

Overdoor dressing-grown hangers, shoe organisers, and storage pockets are fantastic for unlocking storage space. However, ensure your door opens almost entirely, or else your entranceway will feel cramped.

  1. Make a wall-mounted dressing space

Mounting a compact dressing table or shelf to a wall with an LED backlit mirror will preserve floor space and give you somewhere to get ready. Put it on a spare wall or behind your bed – anywhere you feel comfortable getting ready.

  1. Get a console table over a dressing table

If you must have a dressing table, get a console table instead – console tables are 20cm to 30cm deep, so they take up less floor space. They are also the perfect height for a mirror, and you can get them in any style to match your d├ęcor.

  1. Get a wardrobe with drawers, so you don’t need a chest 

You don’t need a chest of drawers if your wardrobe has drawers. The trick is to measure the width and depth of the wardrobe and go for the widest but slimmest wardrobe you can get so that the drawer doesn’t protrude too much when open.

Free Potted Codiaeum variegatum plant placed near wardrobe in room Stock Photo
Pictured: A wardrobe with concealed drawers is a great space-saving solution.

  1. Use the top of your wardrobe for storage

The top of your wardrobe is perfect for a few plastic storage tubs or cardboard boxes, where you can store sun cream, shorts, other seasonal items, or anything else you like. Just whip the box down when you need something!

  1. Free up floor space with a tall chest of drawers

A tall but narrow chest of drawers will free up floor space while giving you more storage than a broad chest. The best thing about tall chests of drawers is you can stick them in the corner of your room and other odd spaces.

  1. Organise with tiered shelves

Tiered shelves come as a single unit with three or more frames, giving you space for books, games, candles, ornaments, and other bits and bats. Moving these items to a dedicated wall storage space will free up storage in other bedroom areas.

Free Shelves Above a Bed Stock Photo
Pictured: Tiered shelving in the bedroom. 

  1.  Keep things light

Dark colours remove positive energy from spaces and make them appear smaller, while light colours reflect light and create a sense of airiness. Keep things light when decorating and picking furniture to instill a sense of positivity in your bedroom.

Free Photo of Bedroom Stock Photo
Pictured: Light coloured bedrooms give a sense of space

  1. Install downlights for a sense of vertical space

A common problem with bedrooms is they have a light that drops down from the ceiling, which eats into vertical space. You can make your small bedroom appear bigger by replacing your ceiling light with downlights that sit flush.

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