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5 packing essential that you have likely not thought about.

I am about to embark on my first holiday abroad since the pandemic and I have been wracking my brain about what I need. It has been three long years since I went away. For an avid traveller like me, these words are shocking. Yes, I have been hon staycations but I crave further afield adventure and cultures. 

I have never really been a nervous traveller but I am feeling very apprehensive about this trip. I haven't packed in a long time for a proper holiday. Things keep popping into my head that I need to add to my list. Yes, I am a list person. I love a list. I would happily make a list to make a list I am that person. 

So I thought today I would list the items you need to pack that you have probably forgotten all about. 

1. Plugs

This is something I almost forgot. Honesty I woke up the other night thinking oh my gosh I dont have any converter plugs. Now for normal people that would be added to a shopping list but being in the highlands I had to panic buy on amazon and hope they arrive on time. 

2. GPS tracker

Have you watched the news at all? The airports are choices. There are late flights, flights getting cancelled and even worse missing luggage. One of my biggest fears is my bag going missing. I have learned that hard way to not pack valuable in my hauls luggage now but getting to any destination without my clothes makeup and toiletries would be a costly problem for me. 

So I have a solution I have ordered the PAJ EASY Finder 4G This is a very clever little GPS device which I can pop in my suitcase. The PAJ easy finder is cram packed with features. It has 4G to enable a wide worldwide network coverage. The battery will last up to 14 days after one charge on standby mode. It has an emergency SOS button in case you want to use it as a personal alarm too. It is waterproof. You can use it for  GPS tracking of vehicle, people and valuables. 

I love that the PAJ is so simple to use. You just have to connect it to The finder portal by registering it. It is so easy to set up. Then turn it on and you have access to the location of your tracker at all times. You can receive text messages or emails update if you like. It has worldwide tracking making it perfect for travellers like me. It is small and won't take up any room in my case. 

The Paj easy finder gives me complete peace of mind that if my bag goes walk about I will be able to locate it and have it forwarded on to me. It is so simple. 

3. Medication

Your medication. Let's face it most of us are on some form of medication, for example, I have asthma and I have stomach issues which all require daily medication. First things first check the country you are travelling to. Some have very strict policies on certain medications. I always carry a spare inhaler in different bags. I can not live without these meds so If one when missing I would be in big trouble. 

I also make sure that all my medication has the pharmacy label on it. In some countries, you might need a doctor's note for your medication. So make sure to double-check and get this sorted asap. 

4. Money

Now I didn't even think about money. We live in a virtual cash-free society now and I never have cash on me. I only have my card. My husband made a very good point we will need euros as we are going to rural France and just because we are pretty much cash free it does not mean they are. 

I just didn't think about it at all. I am just so used to beep and go. Prepandemic I would have had the euro all sorted by now but I honestly just didn't think about cash. I mean am I that out of touch with travelling that I forgot money? I do have one of those low charges cards that I have topped up but actual cash just didn't enter my head. 

5. E111 or EHIC travel medical card

The E111 travel card is no longer and it has moved to The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). But if you have an E111 it is valid until the expiry date but it is worth checking if your is still in date. 

Firstly this is not travel insurance! Please get proper travel insurance and make sure you check all the fine print very carefully. There is a lot of company out there and not all of them cover everything. 

The GHIC will get you access to medical help in most EU countries but again it is better to check which country you are going to and what is required. 

The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) lets you get state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.

If you have a UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you’ll need to apply for a GHIC to replace it.

So please make sure you properly check you have your card and travel insurance. I recommend leaving a copy of your insurance with a friend or family member just insane something bad happen and they would be able to help you out. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped you remember some things to pack before you travel. 

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