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Kitchen Trends For 2022 You’ll Want to Use Now


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Are you thinking about updating your kitchen? Is your old kitchen just not making you excited anymore? Maybe you want to get into cooking, but your kitchen is too cluttered or small to allow you to do so. Whatever makes you fancy a change, a great place to find ideas on the best changes to make is to look at the year's trends. After all, things tend to be popular for a reason. Read on to find the kitchen trends for 2022 that you can implement into your home. 

Curved edges

2022 has seen a trend towards softer shapes in the kitchen. Whether this is a curved countertop or round tables, kitchens in 2022 are all about the curved edge. A curved breakfast bar or table is more sociable, as people don’t get cut off from one another by the corners.

These softer shapes are more elegant and give a level of sophistication to a kitchen. It also helps that it makes kitchens a bit more child-friendly. 

Open shelves 

Open shelves have been around for a while, but they've seen a boom in popularity in this past year. Open shelves allow you to see all your plates, crockery, and pans, rather than hiding them away in cupboards. They become sort of like decorations for your kitchen. It makes the room feel busy in a way that doesn’t take up space and can lead to some pretty cool colour combos in your kitchen. 

If you want to make them really trendy, add LED strip lights under or above them to highlight the decor offered by floating shelves. If these are above your countertops, the LED lights will work doubly to provide excellent light for when you’re cooking at night. 

Create a pantry 

Pantries are in for 2022. Pantries offer you multiple kinds of storage for things in your kitchen. If you have a tiny kitchen or a kitchen that often gets cluttered, incorporating a pantry is the way to go. You can store all the usual things (dried foods and tins), but you can also keep any appliances or gadgets that you don’t use every day. This way, you’ve got free counter and cupboard space. Plus, having a pantry is a pretty cool thing to show off!

Multipurpose islands

Islands are another thing that has been around for a long time but have burst in popularity over the past year. Islands offer up extra counter space, as well as another place to eat as a family, group of friends, or individual.

The difference with this year’s islands is that they often have multiple uses. 2022 islands have loads of storage space and sometimes also contain a sink (you’ll need to call a local plumbing company for this one). Some homeowners are creating their kitchen islands to be a bridge between the kitchen and the living room in open-plan homes. They have managed this by using some storage space for everyday things, like their kids' homework and books for school, or even their own work papers. This way, islands are used as a working space but close enough to the kitchen to grab some water or a snack to keep work going. 

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