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Your Birth Plan – 3 Things to Include

 Now that you are expecting a little bundle of joy it’s time to start making your birth plan. Whether you are a veteran or a brand-new parent, having a birth plan can make a huge difference in how the whole event runs.

You can make this document as big or small as you like, but if you aren’t sure what would be good to include, we have some tips for you.

Curious? Read on.

Medical Information

Right up front, this one might sound odd as if you choose to give birth in a hospital then they are likely to have your medical records already there. However, should plans change or you decided to have a home birth having some of the important medical information right there for you, your birth partner/s or midwife to grab can save trouble later.

Allergies, especially if they are to certain types of medication, are an excellent thing to list out. This also plays in nicely to your choice of pain medications. If you want pain meds, firstly say so and secondly have some preferences or ones that you can have listed down. If you are choosing to go as natural as you can but might change your mind, mark that down. This is your birth journey, and your doctor and nurses can make suggestions but it is up to you.

Within this section, you can also list what you want to do with your after birth. If you want to keep it, say so. If you have arranged for it to be privately stored, then obviously let your midwife and doctor know but also note it down somewhere for reference. Just let people know what you are doing so that you can have as smooth a journey as possible.

People in the Room

Once again this is your birth journey so you can dictate who you want there and who you don’t. Medical staff will be in out but have your primary doctor’s name, your midwife and or doula’s name noted down and your birth partner.

After that, you can state the terms of who can be where. For example, if you want your partner and mother to keep swapping out or to with you the whole time then make it happen. On the flip side if you don’t want visitors at all during or for some time after your baby is born, have that noted.

For some people having everyone around them is the perfect thing while some people would prefer minimal interference from family and friends. Don’t feel bad either way but have it on paper.

The Environment

This one may have some influence from the limitations of your hospital but it is a great idea to maybe try and create a pleasing environment for you. Dimmed lights? Quiet? Music? Do you want to be told everything as it happens or would you rather just be updated once in a while?

This is your chance to create your ideal environment. Your birth plan, your rules.

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